Installation Overview

Make sure you have completed your planning and performed the installation prerequisites documented in the preceding section. Use the installation checklist and worksheets to help guide you through the installation processes.

You must install each of the systems included in the Serena Release Manager suite that you plan to use and that you do not already have installed. SBM, Serena Release Control, and a Serena release vault, such as Dimensions CM or ChangeMan ZMF, are required components of the default implementation of Serena Release Manager.

You should install or verify existing installation settings as follows:

  1. Ensure that Serena License Manager is installed as required. Serena License Manager manages the licenses for Serena Release Control and Dimensions CM. See Installing Serena License Manager.

  2. Ensure that Serena Business Manager is installed as required. Serena Business Manager is the platform on which Serena Release Manager runs. See Installing Serena Business Manager.

  3. Ensure that Dimensions CM is installed as required. Dimensions CM provides a release vault that enables you to securely deploy and audit your releases that run on distributed environments such as Windows and UNIX. See Installing Serena Release Automation.

  4. Ensure that Serena Release Control is installed as required. Serena Release Control enables you to plan and control your releases. See Installing Serena Release Control.

  5. Ensure that Serena Release Automation is installed as required. Serena Release Automation enables you to automate the installation and configuration of your deployed production files. See Installing Serena Release Automation.

  6. Ensure that other providers that you plan to use are installed as needed. See Installing Other Integrating Serena Products.

New installations should proceed in the given order given unless you have the experience and necessity to do otherwise.

After you have completed installing each of the preceding systems, you must complete the system configuration to make Serena Release Manager ready to use.