Summary of Adding a Stage

Adding a Stage for the Release Train Process App

  1. Add new Start and End Date fields in the primary table Release Train.

  2. Add the field controls in the related form, createReleaseTrain.

  3. Edit the related Javascript for the UI shell to specify when to show or hide the dates in the following forms:

  4. Include the new Start and End Date fields in the report All Release Train.

Adding the Stage for the Release Package Process App

  1. Add the new stage name value in the primary table Release package.

  2. Create a new swim lane for the new stage process.

  3. Create required states for the new stage process.

  4. Add From and To transitions with all associated forms, mappings, and overrides for the new states.

  5. Map a new deployment transition action.

  6. Add a new re-deploy transition action.

  7. Configure the Stage auxiliary table to relate the new stage to the Release Train Start and End Dates and the Release Package Deploy state.

  8. Optionally add a new deploy decision rule to the Release Package stage process.

    1. Add the decision to the workflow.

    2. Add a new Package type single-selection field value.

    3. Add a rule for the selection, Package type in value.

    4. Add a new transition for the deploy decision.

    5. Add the new rule to the deploy decision box.