Log In Page with SSO

If SSO is enabled, which is the default for Serena Release Manager, the SBM application behaves a little differently. The login screen in this case is built dynamically with login.jsp. To modify it, the default page ssocatalog.jsvar should be created in

...SBM\Application Engine\template\shell\customShellName\"

For example:


 stylesheet: "styles/shell/dvm/login.css",

 "title": "Serena Release Control",

 introMsg: "",

 extraDiv1: "<div><a href='http://support.serena.com/' target='_tab'>Serena Online Support Community</a></div>",

 extraDiv2: "<div class='gray_bar'></div>"


Parameters you may set up from within ssocatalog.jsvar are:







   links (javascript array)





IMPORTANT!  If there is some error in this file (for example, no comma after a parameter) the server will fail to parse it and will display the standard page, so it is recommended to limit the use of this dynamic generation.