Customizing the Serena Release Control Dashboard

The SBM home page is shown on the Serena Release Control dashboard. To change the view that is shown on the dashboard, you can configure the home page report in SBM.

Upon login, the dashboard page is displayed by default. The report last selected for the dashboard is shown.

What Can You Change?

You can change the reports displayed on the dashboard as follows:

What is the Impact?

If you change the dashboard reports, the dashboard page changes accordingly.

How Do You Change It?

You can select from available reports to display the release information that is most important to you.

Selecting the Report for the Dashboard Page

Upon initial install or upgrade, your Dashboard page shows whatever page is set as your SBM home page. For example, for the SBM Sample database, the Issue Defect Management Task Page appears for the Dashboard page. You should typically change this to show the Serena Release Control Dashboard multi-view report for the Dashboard page.

To select the Dashboard multi-view report for the Dashboard page:

If your Dashboard page does not appear with the multi-view dashboard report, configure the dashboard as follows.

  1. In SBM System Administrator, select the Users tab.

  2. Select your Login ID and click Edit.

  3. Select the Preferences tab and deselect the Show Launch Page field.

  4. Select the Settings tab.

    1. In the Application list, select Release Train and then click Set Preferred Application.

    2. In the Home Page Report field, select Base Project: Dashboard.

  5. Click OK. Log out and back in again to bring in the new settings for the user if you are logged into Serena Release Control.

Configuring the Dashboard Multi-view Report

You can modify the Serena Release Control Dashboard multi-view report shown on the Dashboard page so that it shows information that is relevant to your role in release management.



NOTE  The Serena Release Control Dashboard does not use Serena Dashboard in the default implementation. Serena Dashboard is a highly configurable and multi-product dashboard that you can configure to report on your Serena Release Manager and other orchestrated ALM suites’ data. Serena Dashboard is sold separately. For more information, see the Serena Dashboard documentation.

To configure the Dashboard multi-view report:

  1. From the Serena Release Control standard SBM user interface, click the RTrain tab.

  2. Expand the Reports section of the navigation pane and click Browse Multi-View Reports.

  3. Select the Dashboard report from the list of reports.

  4. Click Edit report and configure the Dashboard report to meet your needs as documented in the SBM documentation.

  5. Click Set as Home Page if the dashboard report is not already set as your home page report.

Documentation References

Complete documentation on managing reports in SBM is in the Serena Business Manager User’s Guide in "Working with Reports".


The Serena Release Control dashboard with reports for Release train by type, Application releases by application and type, Release packages list by owner, and Deployment tasks I own is shown in the following figure.