Configuring the Inbox

Serena Release Control uses reports to display the action item information in your inbox views.

What Can You Change?

You can change the reports displayed in the inbox as follows:



CAUTION!  You must change the report name by saving in place and retaining the report ID. Otherwise, the view that uses that report will no longer be displayed without additional changes to the underlying shell UI Javascript.

What is the Impact?

How Do You Change It?

You can change the associated reports to change the information shown in the inbox.

To change reports for the inbox:

  1. From the Serena Release Control standard SBM user interface, select the process app for which you want to change a report, such as RTrain.

  2. From the Reports section of the navigation pane, search for all reports.

  3. Select the report you want to change and then click Save.

  4. Overtype the existing name with a new name, making sure that you do not change the report ID.

  5. Repeat for all Serena Release Control process apps for which you want to change My Inbox page reports.

The default reports for each inbox selection are shown in the following table.



Report Name

My Action Items

Release Trains

train Assigned To Current User

Application Releases

application Assigned To Current User

Release Packages

package Assigned To Current User

Deployment Tasks

task Assigned To Current User

Deployment Process Templates

Template Assigned To Current User


Environments owned by Current user

Manage All Items

Release Trains

Train All

Application Releases

Application All

Release Packages

Package All

Deployment Tasks

All DT

Deployment Process Templates

Templates All


Environments All



TIP  To find out the names of the reports used by your My Inbox pages, view each page using the Serena Release Control shell UI and view the source for the page. You’ll see the name of the report used for the page in the Javascript. For example, for the Manage All Items | Deployment Process Template, the Javascript snippet is as follows:

var report = {"request":{"id":123,"title":"Templates All","rptkey":1319845733, ...

Documentation References

Complete documentation on managing reports in SBM is in the Serena Business Manager User’s Guide in "Working with Reports".