Configuring Reports that SSM References

The Serena Release Manager reports that are referenced in the default SSM user interface are not yet configured in Serena Release Manager. To display the information you expect to see in SSM, you must create the reports with the information that is relevant for your organization.

To create the reports used by SSM:

  1. In SBM Composer, check your SSM - Change Management blueprint to get the report reference names used in your implementation.

  2. In Serena Release Manager in the native SBM interface, select the RTrain process app.

  3. Create listing reports with the reference names from the SSM blueprint. Use query parameters for the date range start and end dates, using the value Query at Runtime.

For example, create reports with reference names AllTrains-Planned and Suitable_Trains. Use basic conditions with selections of Production deployment end date = (Query At Runtime) and Production deployment start date = (Query At Runtime).