Configuring Dimensions CM Projects and Streams

Serena Release Manager uses the projects and streams that you configure as part of the ongoing use of Dimensions CM.

Serena Release Manager uses projects in integrating products to filter lists of requests or issues to associate with Development Change Requests and to filter lists of baselines or other deployment-ready components to associate with Deployment Units. The default implementation of Serena Release Manager integrates with SBM and Dimensions CM projects.

Dimensions CM project association with Release Packages is used for the following purposes in Serena Release Manager:

What Can You Change?

You can change the following project and stream information:

What is the Impact?

How Do You Change It?

You can change project and stream information in the Dimensions CM user clients according to the Dimensions CM documentation.

Documentation References

Complete documentation on configuring Dimensions CM projects and streams is in the Serena Dimensions CM User's Guide in "Managing Projects".