Serena Release Automation Relationships

To automate your release installation and configuration tasks, the default implementation of Serena Release Manager uses Serena Release Automation, powered by Nolio.

Release Packages point to automation deployment tasks, which integrate with release automation to automate installation and configuration tasks through the release automation software (such as Serena Release Automation) as part of the deployment process.

The flow of information between Serena Release Control, Serena Release Vault, and Serena Release Automation is shown in the following figure.


Serena Release Automation does the installation and configuration tasks once the deployment units are deployed to a specified stage environment. For example, for each stage, it might update the registries, update configuration files, and restart Web services according to the deployment task definitions. Later, once a release has reached the production stage, Serena Release Automation could be used to distribute files from a production environment to a large number of designated servers, updating the registries, updating configuration files, and restarting Web services for all of these.