Copying a Deployment Process Template

You can create a new deployment process template from an existing deployment process.

The copy transfers all existing field information to the new item. You may edit any field before saving the new item. This enables you to save deployment tasks that you have created for a different application or for a different stage, whereas an edit only allows you to change the application.

The copy creates new instances of all deployment tasks associated with the original deployment process template and links them to the new deployment process template.

The copy is available from any state of the deployment process template.

To copy a deployment process template:

  1. Navigate to a deployment process template that you want to copy.

  2. Click Copy.

  3. The Make a copy form appears.

  4. Fill out the copy form.

  5. For example:

    1. Enter the new template name in the Rename Template field.

    2. Select the application to which the deployment process template applies.

    3. Select the stage for which the template applies.

    4. Select the owner, such as Release Engineer, for the template.

    5. Optionally enter a description.

  6. Click OK.

The new deployment process template is saved.