Demand Management Domain Model and Request Types

The following model illustrates different types of change requests and describes the relationships between request types.


This model describes the following types of request.

A request that is submitted into the business and that leads to the definition of a need for a new development project.

A request for changes to existing features or functionality.

A requirements change request is a request for a new or amended requirement to be considered for an upcoming release. A requirements approval request is a request for stakeholders to approve a requirement to move into active development. For more on requirements management, please see Chapter 5, "Requirements Management Domain" on page 37.

A defect is typically submitted via the quality management system, and describes a functional issue that Development must resolve. These represent issues that are found in released software and therefore are defects that have escaped the development QA processes (defect leakage).

A development change request describes work to be completed by development staff. It may be based on a business change request, a new requirement, or both. Development change requests can be broken down into stories and software defects. Stories describe the expected user experience, and For more on development change requests, see Chapter 7, "Development Management Domain" on page 51.

Development tasks describe the actual work to be completed. Tasks can then be assigned to specific developers.

is a request for changes to operational infrastructure - for example, to reconfigure network router settings, apply a security patch to an app server or upgrade the database server to the next major version of Oracle. For more on ops change requests, see Chapter 6, "Service Management Domain" on page 45.

Deployment tasks describe the specific tasks needed to deploy, install and configure an application or application component into a target deployment en.