Introduction to Serena Orchestrated ALM

Serena Orchestrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) automates end-to-end application development by helping IT organizations efficiently capture all demand from their stakeholders, manage changes to requirements and software configurations, and deploy releases with confidence. Serena has helped thousands of IT organizations make dramatic improvements to their application development, including greater visibility, faster time to market, higher stakeholder satisfaction, and lower development costs.

Serena Orchestrated ALM is powered by Serena Business Manager (SBM), a powerful platform that allows you to define and automate your organizational workflows. With SBM, you can ensure that all aspects of your development and delivery process are tracked and automated, using fully configurable lifecycles that are modeled after your own processes. The Serena Orchestrated ALM solutions integrate the workflow and automation power of SBM with your critical business systems, including your configuration and demand management systems.