Showing and Hiding the Serena Explorer

You can display the Serena Explorer either by launching the view within your current perspective or by using the Serena perspective, which is included with the Dimensions for Eclipse Plug-in. The default perspective displays the Serena Explorer view in the left navigation pane and the Properties view in the pane on the lower-right.

To open the default Serena perspective:

  1. From the workbench Window menu, select Open Perspective | Other.

  2. The Select Perspective window appears listing the "other" perspective choices.

  3. Select the Serena perspective.

  4. Click OK.

The default Serena perspective appears on your workbench.

To show the Serena Explorer view within another perspective:

  1. Select the area on the workbench to display the Serena Explorer view.

  2. From the workbench Window menu, select Show View | Other.

  3. The Show View window appears with "other" view choices.

    1. Open the Serena folder and select Serena Explorer.

    2. Click OK.

  4. The Serena Explorer pane opens in the workbench window with the Dimensions CM node collapsed.

After opening a connection to a server, you can browse a hierarchy of Dimensions CM objects that you are authorized to use. Click on the plus or minus symbols to expand or collapse a node in the hierarchy.


To hide the Serena Explorer view, click the Close button ( The Close icon is the "X" in the upper right corner of the Serena ChangeMan Explorer pane. ) in the upper right corner of the Explorer pane. This frees workbench window space to display your code or perform other development tasks.