Setting Version Management Preferences

You can change how Dimensions for Eclipse displays items by modifying your Version Management preferences.

To modify your Version Management preferences:

  1. Select Window | Preferences. 

  2. Expand the Team | Serena Dimensions node, and select the Version Management node.

  3. Choose from the following:

  4. Optionally, choose to have Dimensions for Eclipse attempt to auto-merge all non-conflicting changes when you perform an Update.

  5. On the File Modification node under preferences, you can set how Eclipse responds when you attempt to edit read-only files:

  6. Change your Label Decoration preferences by selecting the Label Decorations subnode.

  7. The options perform the following actions:



    Show deep status for folders

    Shows composite status for the folders.

    See following note for information about using this setting with the following setting.

    Always show deep status for projects

    Shows composite status for the children.

    NOTE  Always show deep status for projects overrides Show deep status for folders for project nodes if the latter is disabled and causes projects (but not folders) to display cumulative status.

    Show remote info for projects

    Shows connection details for a project.

    Show base revision for files

    Shows the base revision of the file that was fetched in ().

    Show remote revisions for files

    Shows the file is different from remote revision by stating remote revision number in [].

    Show locally modified status as text

    Marks locally modified files with a text decoration (>).

    Show locally modified status as image

    Marks locally modified files by changing the file icon. The icon contains a pen symbol on the top right.

    Show local mode

    Marks files that are in local mode by changing the file icon. The icon contains a wrench.

  8. Select the Requests node to set the following preferences for handling requests:

Remove from my working list after successful checkin / commit operations: Select this option to remove requests from your working lists after you have successfully checked in or committed files in response to those requests.