Finding Objects Within Serena Explorer

From the Serena Explorer view, you can search for requests (with Dimensions CM), projects, streams, baselines, and items.

To search for these items,

  1. In Serena Explorer, right-click and select Find | <object>.

  2. The Selection Wizard dialog displays for the object that you are searching for.

  3. Enter your search criteria on the select <object> panel and click Next to display the results.


    • Clicking Finish on this panel will close the wizard. You must click Next to see the results.

    • Clicking Today on calendar pop-ups moves the cursor to today's date. You must click Enter after clicking Today to populate the field with today's date.

  4. On the results panel, select the results to display by checking the box.

  5. Click Finish to display the results in the appropriate editor.