Renaming Projects or Project Elements

To rename a project or project element:

  1. Before renaming projects or project elements, all users should check in their changes.

  2. Select the item that you want to rename.

  3. Depending on your perspective:

  4. If the file is not already checked out or made local, you are prompted to check it out or make it local. Select Make Local and click OK.

    The new name has been applied to the local file, and both the new name and old names are shown in the perspective.

  5. Commit the change to the repository by right-clicking the file and selecting Team | Commit Move.

  6. The Commit Move dialog appears.

  7. If necessary, deselect any items that you do not want to commit to the repository and change the commit options. For example, if you select Yes for Convert to outgoing additions, a new file will be created rather than moving the existing one.

  8. On the Relate Requests panel, select the Dimensions CM requests to relate to the item during the commit operation. The items are grouped by type, allowing you to easily relate requests to multiple items with similar types.

  9. By default, only those requests that can be used are displayed. If you choose the Show All option, the unavailable requests appear in italics and the Details column provides information on why they cannot be used.

  10. Click the Finish button. The file is placed into local mode.

  11. Perform a synchronization (Team | Synchronize with repository) to commit the changes into the repository.

  12. After you have performed the synchronization, the name is changed in the Dimensions CM repository.

  13. All users should now get the updated project or project element from source control.