Note About Refactoring

Refactoring includes renaming files within a project and moving a file between two different projects. The Dimensions for Eclipse Plug-in retains the file history when you move a file between projects using the refactoring option.

When performing a move between projects as part of refactoring, it is strongly recommended that you choose the option to set the files to be updated as part of the refactoring in "Local Mode". This is not necessary when working with Dimensions streams.

If the files are checked out, then there is a conflict with the removal of the source file from source control as part of the cross-project move operation. The checked out revision will not be removed from source control, and you will receive a message to this effect in the console. The checked-out revision will remain in Dimensions CM and will be picked up by subsequent project structure synchronization operations. These revisions must have the checkout canceled and be removed from the source project using the desktop client.

A particular case of this is moving a file to a different package in the second project. The Eclipse java tooling identifies that it needs to update the file with the new package name and initiates a checkout operation.

If the file is checked out, then the subsequent attempt to remove it from source control will not remove the checked out revision.   Thus the recommendation to use local mode.   This will make the file writable and the java refactoring code will be able to update the file as part of the move to the new package in the target project.   As it is not checked out, the remove will succeed.

The same will apply if files are checked out by another user prior to performing the refactoring. The revision checked out to the other user will not be removed and a warning will be issued in the console.   These revisions must have the checkout canceled and be removed from the source project using the desktop client as the appropriate user.

We recommend using the  "Team |  Refresh Project Status" feature to check that files which will be updated and moved are not checked out by other users (The "Lock" icon or layered "Lock" icon) or are not checked out by you and other users (The layered "Check" icon) prior to performing the refactoring.