Merging a Local File with a Repository File

You may need to merge two revisions of a file, if the current revision in the repository is newer than your local revision.This scenario occurs in a concurrent development paradigm, where multiple developers are working on the same project.

For example, you get revision 4 of the file from the Dimensions CM repository. You mark the file as local and update the file without checking it out. You decide that you want to commit these changes to the repository but you find that someone has checked in revision 5 of the file while you were performing the updates. You will need to merge your locally changed revision with the new revision in the repository.

Your local revision of the file may be either checked out or in local mode. The Dimensions for Eclipse Plug-in supports the merging of either type of file with the more recent tip.

If you were to synchronize your project, you would see that the file has an arrow pointing both directions, meaning that the file has changed in both locations.

The process involves merging the local and repository files into your local directory, and then committing the new file into the repository. Note that merges that resolve concurrent conflicts never result in merge transitions stored in the pedigree.

To perform this process from the synchronize view:

  1. First right-click the file in the Project Explorer and select Team | Synchronize with Repository. The Synchronize view appears.

  2. Merge the two files into your local file.

    1. Right-click on the file and select Open in Compare editor.

    2. Move the changes to keep into the local version of the file.

    3. Save the merged file.

  3. Mark the local file as merged by right-clicking on the file and selected Mark as Merged.

  4. Commit the merged file into the repository.