Merging a Local File with a File from Another Project

You may need to merge two versions of a file found in different projects in the repository. This scenario occurs frequently within a parallel development paradigm in which two releases of an application are being developed in parallel from a single baseline.

For example, after release 2.0 of a product is released and the project is baselined, two projects, release 2.1 and release 3.0, start from the baseline at the same time. A developer may be editing a file in project release_2.1, while parallel development is occurring on the same file in release 3.0 of the product under project release_3.0 in the repository. It is decided to merge the changes from release 3.0 into the changes made for release 2.1. This means that the developer has to merge the file from project release_2.1 with the similar file from project release_3.0.

For parallel merge, transitions are not stored in the pedigree when the local file is checked out. It is recommended to perform merge in local mode.

The process involves merging the two files into your local directory, and then committing the new file into the repository.

To merge your file with a similar file from another project:

  1. Right-click on the file and select Team | Merge.

  2. The Merge dialog displays.

  3. Select the project or baseline which has the file which you want to merge with and then click Next.

  4. Select the common baseline that was the source for the two files which will be merged and click Next.

  5. Click Finish on the Merge Summary panel to complete the Merge dialog. The Synchronize view appears.

  6. On the Synchronize view, merge the file and then mark the local file as merged by right-clicking on the file and selected Mark as Merged.

  7. Commit the merged file into the repository.