Creating Streams and Projects from the Serena Explorer

You can create new branch streams or projects from the Serena Explorer. This creates new projects or streams based on the selected project or stream, or an empty project or stream if the connection node is selected.

To create a new branch stream or project from the Serena Explorer:

  1. Select the Dimensions project or stream you want to base the new branch on.

  2. Enter the details for the new project or stream in the Wizard.

  3. Click Finish.

The new project or stream appears after refreshing the single Eclipse project or Eclipse project container it was based on. It appears under the Other Projects node if it was based on a project or stream there. This operation creates a complete copy of the original project or stream.

Alternatively, if you are working in a single Eclipse project mapped to a Dimensions project, you can create a branch from the revisions in the Workspace.