Creating New Branch Streams and Projects

You can create new branch streams and projects in Dimensions based on the items that are currently under work in your workspace. The new project or stream includes the item revisions from the current project or stream in Dimensions, not any local changes that have not yet been checked in or delivered to Dimensions. For example, if you updated your workspace with the most recent revision (1.5) of readme.txt and have made some local edits to this file but haven’t yet delivered those edits to a new revision in Dimensions (1.6), the new branch project or stream will include revisions up to 1.5.

To create a new branch stream or project in Dimensions:

  1. In the Project explorer, right-click the project from which you will create a branch project. Select Team | Branch from Workspace. The Project Branch screen of the Create Stream wizard appears.

  2. Optionally, to create a baseline of the initial state of the new project, select the Baseline new project option.

  3. Optionally, to start working on the new project as soon as you have finished creating it, select the Start working on the new project option.

  4. Click Next. The General screen appears.

  5. Choose the target product for the new project or stream.

  6. Enter a name and description for the new project or stream, and enter a unique branch name. The branch name will be assigned to revisions of items created in this stream.

  7. Click Next.

  8. On the Additional Details screen, confirm that the Based on Stream option is selected and set to the correct originating project or stream.

  9. Optionall, choose to require requests to be associated when new revisions of files are checked in or delivered.

  10. Click Next to review a summary of the options you chose, and click Finish.