Creating a New tip Baseline

In Dimensions CM, a baseline is a snapshot of the project at a particular time. You can capture and record all of the tip versions of items in a project by saving them as a baseline. Baselines ensure that the items included in the baseline can be reliably recreated in the future. For example, create a a baseline before starting a maintenance cycle to allow you the ability to return to the original set of released files.

For more information on baselines in Dimensions CM, see the Serena Dimensions CM Process Modeling User's Guide.

To create a tip baseline:

  1. In Serena Explorer, right-click the project and choose New | Tip Baseline, or right-click the project in the Eclipse Explorer and choose Team | New Tip Baseline. The Create Tip Baseline dialog appears.

  2. On the Create Baseline panel, select the Dimensions CM Product, Type, Baseline ID, From Project and IDE Project., then click Next.

    The Baseline ID is auto generated as project_blx, where x is a number to make the baseline unique.


  4. On the Baseline Attributes panel, enter the attributes for the new baseline.

  5. Click Finish. On successful complete, a new baseline is created in Dimensions CM. The new baseline appears as a node in Serena Explorer under the project node.