Comparing the Current Project With the Repository

You can compare the current project in your workspace with a specific baseline and project in the Dimensions CM repository. The comparison displays which files have changed. You can compare from multiple views, including the Project Explorer, and Java and Package Explorer view.

To compare a project with a baseline from the Project Explorer view:

  1. Right-click the project and select either:

  2. This option opens the compare dialog where you can choose to either:

  3. Click Finish.

The Synchronization dialog appears to let you compare the differences between the two. From the Synchronization dialog, you can either merge the changes into your local workspace or commit the differences into the repository.

To compare from the Serena Explorer view:

  1. Select either two projects, two baselines, or a project and a baseline from the explore tree.

  2. Right-click and select Compare.

The Dimensions for Eclipse Plug-in will attempt to resolve the common ancestor for the two items. If a common ancestor cannot be found, you will be prompted to choose a common ancestor or continue without one.