Checking In Files

Complete these steps to check in, or deliver, changes to the Dimensions repository.

To check in files:

  1. In Serena Explorer, right-click the files to check-in and select Team | Checkin.

  2. The Deliver Changes dialog box appears with a list of selected files.

  3. Do any of the following:

  4. On the Relate Requests panel, select the Dimensions CM requests to relate to the item during the check in operation. The items are grouped by type, allowing you to easily relate requests to multiple items with similar types.

  5. By default, only those requests that can be used are displayed. If you choose the Show All option, the unavailable requests appear in italics and the Details column provides information on why they cannot be used.

  6. On the Item Attributes panel, set the Dimensions CM attributes for the items that you are checking in.

  7. Click Finish.

On successful completion, the check mark is removed from each file icon to indicate that the files are checked in.