Changing the Source Control Connection

Complete these steps when you want to change the connection from one source control project to another. Changing the connection changes the Dimensions project or stream  that the Eclipse project is mapped to. It allows you to work with other contributors’ projects or streams. It does not change the workspace files to match the contents of the new mapping. This must be carried by synchronizing with the repository.

To change the source control connection:

  1. From the Navigator view, right-click the project and select Properties.

  2. On the Properties dialog box that appears, select Dimensions.

  3. Click the Switch to Project / Baseline or Swith to Stream button button. The relevant Switch dialog box appears.

  4. Do either of the following:

  5. Click Finish.

  6. Alternatively, use the context menu on the Eclipse project node.  Choose Switch to Project/Baseline or Switch to Stream depending on whether the Eclipse project is shared with a Dimensions project or stream.  The relevant dialog box appears.

NOTE  This option allows multiple Eclipse projects to be switched in one operation provided they share an Eclipse project container on the same connection. Only one single Eclipse project can be switched at one time. If multiple Eclipse projects are chosen they will switch to the corresponding Eclipse project in the new project or stream.  If there is no corresponding Eclipse project they will not be switched.

If you are using the Wind River Workbench product, the Hierarchy of the Wind River projects are used to determine the set of Eclipse projects to switch.