Adding Repository Projects to your Workspace

To work on a project or stream that already exists in the Dimensions CM repository, you must add the project to your local Eclipse workspace.

This procedure is for adding projects that exist in the repository to your local workspace. To add a project in your local workspace to the repository, see Sharing Projects With Serena Dimensions CM.


To add existing repository projects to your workspace:

  1. In Serena Explorer, expand the Repository Project node.

  2. Do any of the following:

  3. For example, after selecting Add to Workspace As, select the option "Add as a Project Configured Using the New Project Wizard." This option allows you to create an Eclipse project with a type of your choice. Note that this option is only available if a repository project being added does not already contain a .project file in its root directory.

  4. Navigate to the directory that you want to copy the project and files to and click OK.

The Create Project dialog appears where you can enter the project details.