Editing Request Attributes

Use the following procedure to edit a request's attributes. You can edit attributes for a request located in your Inbox or a Request List. If you attempt to edit the attributes of multiple requests at the same time, each request will open in an individual request editor.

To edit a request's attributes:

  1. Right-click a request, and select Edit Attributes.

  2. From the Role Section list, select a role whose attributes you want to edit.

  3. In the Attributes table, enter or select values. Attributes in bold are required, and attributes in italics cannot be modified.

  4. Press Ctrl-S to save the changes.

Note that if you close the request editor (or exit Eclipse) without saving, Eclipse will prompt you if you want to save the changes. Choose the requests to save by selecting the checkboxes.

If you are changing the value of an attribute that has been set to 'Is Sensitive' in the Administration Console, the Signature Authorisation dialog box appears. Enter the password for the user you are currently logged in as, and click OK. If you fail to authenticate the user successfully three times, the connection to the Dimensions CM server closes, and you have to log back in again.