Editing an Action Description for a Request

Use the following procedure to edit an action description for a request. You can edit a description for a request located in your Inbox or a Request List.

You can only edit the request's detailed description from Eclipse if allowed by the process model. On the Details tab, the Description field contains the detailed description.

To edit an action description:

  1. Double-click the request.

  2. Click the Comments tab.

  3. Edit the description as required.

  4. Press Ctrl-S to save the changes.

Note that if you close the request editor (or exit Eclipse) without saving, Eclipse will prompt you if you want to save the changes. Choose the requests to save by selecting the checkboxes.

The action description appears in Dimensions CM based on your defined template for the action description. This means that you can enter only text in Eclipse, and you will see html formatting when it appears in Dimensions CM. See the Serena Dimensions CM Process Modeling User's Guide for information on changing the action description template.