Delegating a Request

Delegate a request to assign it to another user. When you delegate a request, you change its role assignments. You can delegate a request from your inbox or a request list. If you are delegating multiple requests at the same time, they must be of the same type and belong to the same product catalog.

To delegate a request:

  1. Right click the request, and select Delegate.

  2. From the Select the role to delegate list, select the role that you want to delegate.

  3. For Users, select the level of responsibility for the role:

  4. To replace all of the users in the Assigned users list with the selected user in the Available users list, click Replace.

  5. To remove the role assignment from a user, select the user in the Assigned users list, and click Remove.

  6. To delegate all related items to these users, select Delegate related items.

  7. Click Close.