Actioning an Item Related to a Request

You can action an item related to a particular request to its next lifecycle state, or any other valid state in the request's lifecycle. Normal Dimensions CM rules only allow transitions that are valid. After the next state has been selected, you can choose to delegate the request to a particular role.

Only users with the appropriate role for a given state can action to another state. You can action a request from your request list or your Inbox.

To action an item related to a request:

  1. Display the Related tab in a request editor.

  2. To display a request editor, double-click the request.

  3. Right-click on the item to action and choose from the following actions:

  4. Press Ctrl-S to save the changes.

Note that if you close the request editor (or exit Eclipse) without saving, Eclipse will prompt you if you want to save the changes. Choose the requests to save by selecting the checkboxes.