Creating Shortcuts to Favorite Projects and Streams

In the Serena Explorer, you can maintain a list of your favorite Dimensions projects and streams. This provides fast access to projects and streams that you use regularly.

To use the Favorites list:

  1. Select View | Serena Explorer to display the Serena Explorer.

  2. Double-click the Favorite Dimensions Projects link to open a list of all Dimensions projects in the product that you are currently connected to.

  3. To add a project or stream to the favorites list, right-click the project or stream and select Add to favorites, or drag projects onto the Favorites Dimensions Projects node.

  4. Now, if you expand the Favorite Dimensions Projects link, the project or stream appears there. Return to this list every time you want to open one of your most-used projects or streams. You can open the project from source control, from here. You can also use this to add Visual Studio projects and files to source control by right clicking the favorite and choosing to add.