Creating Projects and Streams from Baselines

Within Visual Studio, you can create new projects and streams based on the content in an existing Dimensions CM baseline. This allows you to pre-populate a new project or stream with the correct files and folders, for example if you need to create a new branch project based on previous project.

To create a project from a baseline:

  1. Display the Baselines view.

  2. Right click the baseline from which you want to create a new project or stream, and select New Project or New Stream. u

  3. Choose which product the new project or stream will belong to, and enter a name for the new project or stream.

  4. Optionally enter a description and, for a stream, a unique branch name.

  5. Choose whether to add this project or stream to your favorites list in the Serena Explorer.

  6. Click Next.

  7. On the Based-on screen you can confirm that the correct baseline is selected, or select a different baseline.

    If you are creating a stream, you can also choose whether a valid request must be specified when changes are delivered to this stream. If this is enabled, then all users of this stream must provide the ID of the request they are working on when delivering changes to files in their workspaces.

  8. Click Next.

  9. If you are creating a project, you must set the appropriate Version Management and Change Management Rules options, including:



    When new revisions are created

    Choose whether or not to create new branches when new revisions are created, and whether to allow users to override the default revision number for new revisions.

    Change Management Rules

    Choose whether to enable CM rules in the project. You can choose to default to CM rules settings for the item types, to always enable CM rules, or always disable them. You can also require users to relate a request for any refactoring.

  10. Click Finish to create the new project or stream.