Updating from Requests

You can update your local work area with items that are related to specific requests. This allows you to limit local updates to only those changes that are associated with specific requests.

To update your work area from a request:

  1. Right-click the request to update from and select Update Related. The Update from Stream wizard appears.

  2. On the first screen of the wizard, complete the options as follows:



    Include the following types of changes

    Choose whether to include file additions, deletions, modifications, and moves and renames as part of the update.

    Filter using wildcards

    Optionally enter wildcard filters to limit the update to specific folders in the repository, or to exclude specific types of files.

    Auto merge non-conflicting file content

    Select this option to automatically merge changes from your local copies of files into the versions you are gettings from the repository.

    Update From Request Options

    Select Also include items related to child requests to get files related to child requests of the request you selected.

    Select Overwrite newer versions of files in the workarea to automatically replace local copies of files that have more recent timestamps with files from the repository.

    Specify change detection method

    You can choose whether to determine file differences using modification time or file content.

    Synchronization options

    Optionally choose to skip past the summary page before starting synchronization, and to automatically close the Synchronization wizard once the update is complete.


    Select Enable in folder and choose a location if you want to store a logfile of the update results.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Scan the differences for any files that are in conflict. These are identified by the word Conflict in the Change Type column. A description of the conflict is displayed on the Details tab. Click the appropriate button on the toolbar to select the resolution, or if you want to merge the content of the two files that are in conflict do the following:

    1. Click the Merge button to launch the Serena Merge Tool to compare the contents. You can configure other merge tools to be used for this as well (see the Serena Administrator’s Guide for more information).

    2. Use the Merge tool to resolve the conflicts. See the Merge tool online help for more information. The file resolution is now shown as Merge.

  5. Repeat these steps for each file that is in conflict.

  6. Click Next and complete the update.

See the Dimensions User’s Guide for detailed information on using and merging development streams.