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Serena Release Automation 4.5 Readme
This readme file contains information about this release. Last updated on 2013-05-16.


About this Release

Welcome to Serena Release Automation 4.5. Refer to the What's New tab for a complete list of new features in this release.

Please note the following important information:

  • Serena Release Automation 4.5 supports new installations—you do not need to install a previous version before installing this version.
  • Serena Release Automation 4.5 supports upgrades from any release.

What's New

The following features have been added in this release.

Quick Overview

An added feature to the Server interface that you can access at anytime by clicking the Quick Overview link. Consists of 10 panels of high-level information you can use to get you up-and-running or use as a quick reference to Serena Release Automation.

HP-UX Support for Agents

As of this release, Serena Release Automation agents are fully supported on the HP-UX Itanium and HP-UX PA-RISC platforms.

Agent Impersonation for UNIX Platforms

For agents running on UNIX/Linux platforms, user impersonation is available. This gives an agent the ability to act as multiple users running processes under numerous user credentials.

Force IE9 Browser Mode Option

Ability to override IE9 default to Compatibility Mode for the Browser. An advanced option that enables users with IE9 to force IE9 to configure and use browser mode correctly for display of Serena Release Automation.

To use this option, an SRA administrator need to update:


making sure it contains the following:

Note: Serena Common Tomcat/Tools must be re-started to apply these settings.

PVCS Config Source Type Automatic Versioning

Source code connectivity to Serena PVCS is included; PVCS baselines can now be directly imported into Serena Release Automation.

Interactive SQL-JDBC plug-in

As of this release, an extended plug-in pack for Interactive SQL-JDBC events and interaction is included.

VMware vCenter Plug-in

As of this release, an extended plug-in pack for VMware vCenter events and interaction is included.

VMware ESX/ESXi plug-in

As of this release, an extended plug-in pack for VMware ESX/ESXi events and interaction is included.

VMWare Workstation Plug-in

As of this release, an extended plug-in pack for VMWare Workstation events and interaction is included.


This section provides general upgrade information and important notes for upgrading from Serena Release Automation 4.0.1 to 4.5. Before you upgrade, review the following sections and proceed with the upgrade based on your current installation.

Please refer to the Serena Release Automation 4.0.1 Readme for a list of features and changes that were added in that version prior to this release.

Upgrades are only supported in this release from:
  • Serena Release Automation 4.0.1
Important: 4.0.1 Agents: Any 4.0.1 agent using java 5 cannot be upgraded. Most of the new functionality will not work with these agents because the 4.5 agent uses java 6 and above. You must uninstall any 4.0.1 agents using java 5 before installing 4.5 agents. However, any 4.0.1 agents using java 6 or above can be upgraded and do not have to be uninstalled.

New Installations of Serena Release Automation

If this is a new installation, download the Serena Release Automation 4.5 server and agent installation files from the Serena support portal (see the Serena Release Automation documentation, "Downloading Serena Release Automation" section, and for installation instruction see the "Getting Started" section).

Important Notes for Upgrades

The following notes apply to 4.5 upgrades:

  • Server Upgrade: To preserve database settings and all objects such as, components, applications, and processes when upgrading, two options are provided in 4.5: Use existing settings and Skip database creation.
  • When you upgrade your 4.0.1 server, all existing 4.0.1 agents using java 6 will be auto-upgraded by the server (does not include all agent fixes implemented in 4.5).
  • To implement all agent fixes implemented in this release (4.5), you have to upgrade the agent even though the server performs an auto-upgrade.

Upgrading Serena Release Automation

This section provides important notes and upgrade instructions to Serena Release Automation 4.5 from version 4.0.1.

Before you upgrade, review the information above in addition to the following topics:

Pre-upgrade Step

Follow this step before beginning the server upgrade:

  • Export or save a backup of your existing processes and applications as a precautionary measure.

Server Installation

To upgrade your server installation:

  1. Unistall the 4.0.1 version of the server.
  2. Install the 4.5 version of the server, for more details see the Serena Release Automation documentation "Getting Started" section.
    Important: To quickly get a new server installed while maintaining your existing settings using the Derby database, select or specify Use existing settings. For all other databases, use the Skip DB option.

Fixed Issues

These issues have been fixed for this release:

Process Does Not Run with Non-English Characters

Process versions that contain non-English characters, will not run.

Spaces Not Supported in Agent Install Path on Linux

On Linux, spaces are not supported in the agent install path.

Agent Windows Service Not Supported on Windows 32-Bit

An agent cannot be installed as a Windows service under a Windows 32-bit system due to an error during installation.

Component Process Run from Component Process Exception

When an attempt to run a component process from another component process is made, an exception occurs.

Agent UI Installer Non-English Text Error

If the Region and Language settings are set to a language other than English, when you run the Agent UI Installer some of the UI elements may display: java.lang.NullPointerException

Groovy Plug-in Not Available

After the plug-in zip file is downloaded, the plug-in folder contains the groovy binary instead of the groovy plug-in zip file.

Checkbox "Run process after creating a new version" multiplies

In the Component dialog, the "Run process after creating a new version" checkbox multiplies after selecting a template from the drop-down.

installed.properties file issue with shared config. directories
For Installation with shared configuration directories, the installed.properties file is created only for the first Serena Release Automation application.
Non-Derby reinstall "table already exists errors"
Uninstall - reinstall for non Derby DBs hits "table already exists errors"
UNIX server install registration issue
Server install on UNIX; newly installed SCT is not registered to vpd.
No Unistaller for Agent
Uninstaller is missed for Serena Release Automation agent.
/libs missing from DBdeploy Plug-in .zip
No libs in dbdeploy plug-in zip.
Install owner credentials not set during install.
Installation owner credentials are not set during installation.
IE: Pop-up dimensions, field alignment and scrolls
(Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, and 9) All pop-ups appear the wrong dimensions, alignment of fields are not correct, and unneeded scroll bars appear.
IE: Process Steps Creation pop-up Edit Properties
FF: (Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, and 9) pop-ups Edit Properties in Process Steps Creation is stretched.
Long Application Name and Bad Cut off Report Graph
Bad cut of graph pop-up of Deployment Reports if long app's name.
Server Install doesn't accept spaces in install path
Core installer doesn't allow spaces in installation path.
Server install displays database password
Server installer shows DB password.
Plug-in version error
Plug-in version is wrong for some plug-ins.
Non-English Agent Wizard installer behaves odd
Odd behavior of Agent UI Installer under non-English format settings.
(On 32-bit System) Can't install Agent as Windows Service
Agent cannot be installed as windows service under 32-bit system.
Scroll at Deployment Details
Redundant scroll at Deployment Details if no deployments.
Agent Relay zip file missing version number.
Zip file of agent relay doesn't have version number.
Locale preferences not applied
Locale preferences are not applied after click "X" button.
Locale names of countries
Inconsistency in names of countries in "Locale" drop-down.
Log for failed step
Irrelevant state and log for failed step.
Component import and non-English local set
Component import doesn't work if a non-English locale was set in Preferences.
Reports not saving non-English data
Saved reports do not save non-English data correctly.
Websphere Plug-in broken steps
There are two broken steps in WebSphere plug-in.
LinuxSystemTools plug-in 2 broken steps
There are two broken steps in LinuxSystemTools plug-in.
Locale preferences not applied when Esc is pressed
Locale preferences are not applied after press <Esc> button.
Exported Components with non-English names
Incorrect filenames for exported Components with non-English names.
Importing Component with "Process Sleep" step
Component with "Process Sleep" step cannot be correctly imported.
Importing Dimensions baseline and certain IDs
Importing Dimensions baselines into CodeStation - certain IDs do not appear automatically.
(IE 8) Component import not working right
Component import doesn't work properly under IE 8.
Agent misplaces working directory
Agent creates misplaced work directory depending on server install location.
Cannot delete properties with forward or back slash
Cannot delete properties containing forward or back slash.
Cannot load config if profile folder has been moved.
Cannot load configuration if profile folder was moved.
Opening Login page under non-English OS errors
After opening Log In page of SRA Server installed under nonEnglish OS errors in console appears.
Non-English characters and loading config for non-default path
It is impossible to load a configuration for a non-default path with non-English characters.
Errors after opening Create Component Dialog
After opening Create Component dialog errors in console appears.
(IE 8 and lower) Missing localization in Process Designers.
Missing localization in Process Designers for IE8 and lower.

Known Issues

These are the current known issues that exist in this release:

Documentation Error: Connecting Agents to a Series of Server "Endpoints" procedure

Distributing Server Processing with Active/Active section, Connecting Agents to a Series of Server "Endpoints" procedure: Step 5. In the Create Network Relay dialog: a. Enter a Name for the "third server". Should say "second server".

Server Install using Skip Database option and loss of Plug-ins
After installing SRA Server application using Skip Database option, all non-default plug-ins should be loaded by user manually again. If you do not do this, these plug-ins will still appear on the Server|Settings tab|Automation Plug-ins tab http://host:port/serena_ra/#automation/automationPlugins. However, the interface is misleading and these plug-ins will not work because they are not in the database.
(Windows) Agent doesn't clean registry keys

(Windows only) After uninstalling an agent, the registry keys are not cleaned.

(AIX) Agent Installer not closing

(AIX) Agent installer is not closing on finishing (both GUI and Silent mode).

(Linux) Spaces Not Supported in Agent Install Path

(Linux) Spaces are not supported in the agent install path.

Agent Install Wizard Browse Button Disables

In the agent UI installer wizard, pressing <Back to return to the Java Runtime Environment page disables the Browse button. To enable the Browse button, toggle between the Install JRE and Use Existing JRE buttons.

Agent UI Uninstall Wizard Displays Incorrect Path

Agent UI uninstall wizard last page displays incorrect path to log.

The uninstall log can be found in the serena_ra_agent_install folder, which is not the folder displayed on the final page of the agent UI uninstall wizard.

Agent UI Install Requires English Username

When using the agent UI installer, you can only enter an English username. Agent installation into a path containing non-ascii characters is not supported.

Service Name for Agent is Not Correct

The service name format should be: serenaRA Agent <specified_name> not <specified_name>.

Agent Uninstall Wizard Errors Not Valid

For any agent not installed as a Windows Service, the agent uninstall wizard's final panel displays uninstallation errors despite successful uninstallation.

Agent Installer Does Not Clean Up tmp Folder

After the Agent installation is complete, the Agent installer doesn't clean the /tmp folder.