Serena Release Automation 4.0.1 Readme

This document contains important information about the 4.0.1 release of Serena Release Automation.

1.0 What's New2.0 Installation Consideration3.0 Known Issues


1.0 What's New

1.1 What's New in Serena Release Automation 4.0.1

1.1.1 Product Internationalization

The Serena Release Automation product can now be translated into these languages: French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian.

1.1.2 Serena Dimensions CM Integration

As of this release, source code connectivity to Serena Dimensions is included; Dimensions baselines can now be directly imported into Serena Release Automation.

1.1.3 Single Sign-On (SSO) Support

Serena release automation now supports direct authentication using single sign on powered by Serena Business Manager. Single sign on seamlessly and securely enables user credentials to be passed from different client sessions.

1.1.4 EC2 plugin

As of this release, an extended plug-in pack for amazon EC2 events and interaction is included.

2.0 Installation Consideration

3.0 Known Issues