Serena Dashboard 3.5 Readme

This document contains important information about the 3.5 release of Serena Dashboard.


1.0 What's New

1.1 What's New in Serena Dashboard 3.5

1.1.1 Welcome to Serena Dashboard

Serena Dashboard is a powerful reporting application that allows users at all levels of the organization to review project metrics that are most immediately relevant to them. Serena Dashboard runs on the Information Builders WebFOCUS platform, a rich business reporting tool that can aggregate key performance data from a variety of critical systems. Serena Dashboard presents data on your most essential key performance indicators (KPIs) with a fully configurable set of graphical charts, tabular data, and more.

1.1.2 Apple iPad App

You can now display your choice of metrics on the Apple iPad with the Serena Dashboard iPad app. Simple choose the packages in Serena Dashboard that you want to make available to iPad users and publish them. Anyone with an iPad and the Serena Dashboard app can then log into your server and display the published metrics.

1.1.3 Quality Metrics for Development Manager

Serena Dashboard now includes out-of-the-box metrics on quality data for Development Manager implementations using HP Quality Center / ALM. This includes metrics on numbers of Quality Center bugs associated with defects, bugs related to test sets, test set run status, and overall project defect test status.

2.0 Installation Notes

2.1 Installing this Release

2.1.1 WebFocus Server Incompatible with Dimensions CM Server

IMPORTANT!You can not install the WebFOCUS Server and Serena Dashboard to the same system where the Serena Dimensions CM server is installed. You must install to a separate system.

2.1.2 Full System Requirements

You can review detailed system requirements, including supported integrations, at From here, click your version to display details, including system requirements.

2.1.3 Supported Browsers

Supported browsers for Serena Dashboard include Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 16.x, and Firefox 10.x.

3.0 Known Issues

3.1 Defects List on Serena Support Website

You can display a list of all known defects that Serena is tracking for Serena Dashboard from the Serena Support Website. Follow this URL:

3.2 WebFOCUS Web Console Not Supported in Firefox 11

The WebFOCUS Web Console is not currently supported in Firefox 11.