Serena Requirements Manager 3.5 Readme

This document contains important information about Serena Requirements Manager.


1.0 What's New

1.1 What's New in Serena Requirements Manager

Serena Requirements Manager is a new solution offering that integrates project management and requirements approval management with rich dashboard-based reporting.

1.1.1 Welcome to Serena Requirements Manager

Thank you for choosing Serena Requirements Manager, the orchestrated solution for application requirements management that brings requirements initiation, review, and approval to your end-to-end design, development, and quality process.

Serena Requirements Manager is an orchestration of Serena Dimensions RM and Serena Business Manager. As part of Serena ALM, Requirements Manager fits into an orchestrated workflow with Serena Development Manager. Optionally, it can leverage the rich reporting capabilities of Serena Dashboard. It also includes Serena Prototype Composer as a stand-alone prototyping tool.

2.0 Supported Platforms

For details of supported server and client platforms, third party integrations, and Serena Integrations, see the Serena Release Plan for Serena Requirements Manager at:

Select the relevant product and then the desired version.

3.0 Installation Notes

This section contains information and issues that require your attention in order to install and configure Serena Requirements Manager.

3.1 About Installing this Release

You must install several components to use Serena Requirements Manager:

See the Serena Release Plan for the most current information about which component versions are compatible with this release:

For information about installing and configuring these components, see the Serena Requirements Manager Installation Guide or the Installation section of the Serena Requirements Manager on-line help at:

3.2 Installation Considerations

3.2.1 Dimensions RM and SBM Must Be on Different Servers

Dimensions RM and Serena Business Manager must be installed to separate servers.

4.0 Known Issues

At this time, there are no known issues.