Serena Release Manager Readme

This document contains important information about the 3.5 release of Serena Release Manager.


What's New

What's New in Serena Release Manager 3.5

Serena® Release Manager is the orchestrated solution for application release management that enables you to plan, manage, and automate the deployment of applications into test, pre-production, and production environments with one-click deploy, start-to-finish traceability, and end-to-end visibility.


Features of Serena Release Manager include the following:

The Serena ALM 3.5 release provides a powerful, user-friendly, role-based user experience for Release Manager, Requirements Manager, Development Manager, and Dashboard. It includes:

New features of Serena Release Manager 3.5 include the following:

Software Compatibility Requirements

For details of supported versions of the products in the Serena Release Manager suite, supported platforms, and third party integrations, see the Serena Release Plan on the Serena Customer Support website on the product roadmap under Supported Platforms.

To get to this information from the Serena Support website main roadmap page, select Release Manager and then select your version.

Installation Considerations

You should plan your installation and configuration according to the detailed documentation provided with each product in the Serena Release Manager suite. The documentation provided with Serena Release Manager guides you through the process.


Use the following methods to apply licenses for the Serena Release Manager suite of products.

System Requirements

The system requirements for successful installation and execution of Serena Release Manager depend on your organization's usage requirements. You should determine your organization’s specific needs using the detailed documentation for SBM, Dimensions CM, and Serena Release Automation. For more details, see the Serena Release Manager Installation and Configuration Guide.

Server Considerations

For optimal performance, Serena recommends that SBM and Dimensions CM be installed on separate physical servers.

Upgrade Considerations

The upgrade from Serena Release Manager version 2.1 to version 3.5 is a manual process as documented in the Serena Release Manager Installation and Configuration Guide in "Serena Release Manager Upgrade".

Configuration Differences

The primary configuration differences between versions 2.1 and 3.5 are as follows:

User Interface Differences

The new Serena ALM user interface differs significantly from the user interface in prior versions of Serena Release Manager. The primary differences are in the landing page and initial navigation; the underlying forms have the same layout as they did in the prior release. Some differences in the user interface navigation are as follows:

For more details on the UI navigation, see the Serena Release Manager Getting Started Guide, “Navigating Serena ALM and Serena Release Control”.

Known Issues

Solutions are available for known issues in the Serena Customer Support Knowledgebase. These solutions provide details about the issue and list associated fixes as they become available. Generally available fixes can be downloaded from the solution page online.

Issues known to exist in Serena Release Manager 3.5 are as follows:

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 as your Web browser, you must select Compatibility View in the IE Tools menu. Otherwise, some user interface elements, such as the Gantt view of the release train calendar, may not be displayed properly.
  2. Using the Firefox version 13 Web browser, you cannot manually enter sequence numbers when trying to re-order a list of deployment tasks. (DEF221479)
  3. In Internet Explorer 9, if you remove a release package from an application release, the resulting pop-up window is not sized properly. You must expand the window to see the results. (DEF222077)
  4. You cannot log out of the ALM Configurator once logged in through SSO. To resolve this issue, you must clear your Web browser cache. (DEF216580)
  5. If you navigate to the ALM Configurator while logged into Serena ALM, and the user you are currently logged in as does not have permission to use ALM Configurator, you will receive an Axis2 error. To log onto the ALM Configurator, you must log out of the Serena ALM user interface, and then log into the ALM Configurator with an authorized user ID. (DEF222075)
  6. If the ALM Configurator cannot save information to one of the configuration files, there is no obvious feedback. If you do not receive a successful message after clicking Save, you should verify that your changes were made in the configuration files. (DEF222109)
  7. If you attempt to save ChangeMan ZMF deployment tasks in deployment process templates, the forms are incomplete. You must create ChangeMan ZMF deployment tasks from release packages only. (DEF220545)