Serena Development Manager 4.0 Readme

This document contains important information about the 4.0 release of Serena Development Manager.

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What's New

What's New in Serena Development Manager 4.0

Serena® Development Manager Serena is a solution offering that integrates development project management, change request and task management, version control, and baseline management features, with the option of a rich dashboard reporting component. It enables you to orchestrate and monitor your key software development efforts, tracking source code changes and approvals through a central workflow engine.


Extensible Architecture/Common Provider

Development Manager has been re-architectured in order to share common extensible features with the other products in Serena Orchestrated ALM. This allows the abiility to configure common providers, which are products that participate in the workflows and provide objects that synchronize with the Orchestrated ALM. This architecture is extensible, so that different products can be configured as providers.

For this release, Development Manager can be configured to use either Dimensions CM, ChangeMan ZMF, or both, as the provider for Configuration Management.

Development Manager now uses the Serena Common Configurator to configure the access between Serena Orchestrated ALM and the participating products and providers.

Integration with ChangeMan ZMF

ChangeMan ZMF can now be used to manage and track development tasks in addition to Dimensions CM.

Common User Interface

Development Manager is now accessed in the same common user interface that is shared with the other products in Serena Orchestrated ALM. This provides more user-friendly features and a home page that is tailored and customizable to the needs of the user and their role.

Release Vault Integration

There is now the ability to publish a completed Dev Package via Release Vault. An ALF event is raised at the last state of a Dev Package that can be picked up by Release Vault for processing.

Software Compatibility Requirements

Installation Notes and Issues

Known Issues