Serena Development Manager 4.0.1 Readme

This document contains important information about the 4.0.1 release of Serena Development Manager.

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What's New

What's New in Serena Development Manager 4.0.1

Serena® Development Manager is a solution that integrates development project management, change request and task management, version control, and baseline management features, with the option of a rich dashboard reporting component. It enables you to orchestrate and monitor your key software development efforts, tracking source code changes and approvals through a central workflow engine.

New Features

Agile Planning

There is now an Agile Planning feature available for Development Manager. This is an optional feature and is selectable via the Serena ALM installer. With this release the following features are available:

In the default out-of-the-box configuration, a story is tracked using a dev change request, and a task is tracked using a dev task. These will follow the existing lifecycles for those items in Development Manager.

Products and Components

Development Manager provides configurable products and components. Optionally, these products and components can be linked to products and design parts in Dimensions CM.

There is now the ability to manage products and components in order to represent a hierarchy of the software components that make up a product. There is also the ability to re-use components across products. You can associate dev change requests and dev tasks to specified components to indicate that related changes should only affect those components. ALM Projects can also be linked to specified components. If you have linked components to Dimensions CM, the relationships of the associated requests to the corresponding design parts will also be maintained.

Software Compatibility Requirements

Installation and Configuration Notes and Issues

Other Known Issues