Synchronizing with Dimensions CM Projects

With the Dimensions CM Synchronize Wizard, you can update:

When you launch the Dimensions CM Synchronize Wizard, it compares the files and folders on your disk with the corresponding items and folders in the repository. It displays icons for each file and folder to indicate if there are differences and to show what type of differences there are.

The information displayed for each file includes a description of the difference, the proposed resolution, and a list of available actions should you wish to override the proposed resolution. If you wish to accept the proposed resolution, no file-by-file action is required on your part.

However, in the case of a conflict, when something has changed both in the work area and in the repository, you must specify what action to take for that file. The choices are:

About File and Version Management

Overview of Synchronization Change Types

Using the Dimensions CM Synchronize Wizard