Displaying Baselines

You can display baselines associated with a stream or project.

To display baselines:

  1. From the Serena Explorer, select Baselines. All available baselines appear in the Baselines pane.

  2. Select the Show All option to see all baselines for the stream or project.

  3. You can also search for a specific baseline. To find specific baselines:

    1. Right-click the Find Results node and select Find. The Select Baseline dialog box appears.

    2. From here you can enter information about the baseline to help find it, including its ID, the product or project it belongs to, its type, what template it was created with, and a date range when it was created.

    3. Click Next to display search results from your criteria. Select the baselines you want to include in the search results (you can CTRL+click to select multiple baselines) and click Finish. The baselines you selected appear in a new list under the Find Results node. For example, if this is your first search, the results appear in a child node called Find Result 1.