Creating Tip Baselines

You can create a new baseline that includes the latest (tip) revisions of all files in a project.

To create a tip baseline:

  1. In the Serena Explorer, right-click the Favorite Dimensions Projects node and select Add to Favorites. The Dimensions Project tab appears with a list of all projects in the product.

  2. Right click the project from which you want to create a tip baseline and select New Tip Baseline. The New Tip Baseline dialog box appears.

  3. Choose the product containing the project, and then choose the project.

  4. Enter an ID string for the baseline.

  5. Make sure that BASELINE is selected from the Type list.

  6. Optionally, relate the new baseline to requests in the Relate to Requests field.

  7. Click Next.

  8. On the Tip Baseline Attributes screen, enter values for any required user defined attributes, and click Next.

  9. On the Ready to Create Tip Baseline screen, review a summary of the new baseline and click Finish to create the baseline.