Connecting to Source Control Projects from Additional Workstations

After an IDE project has been created and added to source control, each developer can access it by opening it from source control, which creates a copy of the project on the developer’s system. Once a developer has a local copy of a project, he can perform normal source control operations on it.

To open a solution or project from source control:

  1. Select File | Source Control | Open From Source Control. The Open From Source Control dialog box appears.

  2. Find and select the Dimensions project or stream that contains the Visual Studio project or solution you want to open locally. Click Next.

  3. On the next screen, find and select the Visual Studio project or solution that you want to open, then click Next.

  4. On the Select Location on Disk window, browse to select the location where you want to download the solution or project. If the open from source control wizard detects that the selected project has a default folder it will suggest this as the location, with a path matching the repository path.  You can override this as needed. This location will be the root folder under which the solution and projects will be placed, in their correct relative hierarchy. You can optionally create a new folder by clicking the New folder button, and automatically create a folder named after the solution or project by selecting the Create directory with solution name checkbox. Click Next.

  5. Review the choices you made and click the Download button. Or, click Back to return to previous screens and make changes.