Opening and Editing a Request

To open and edit a request:

  1. Open the Serena Explorer.

  2. Double-click the Requests node. The Requests view appears.

  3. Double-click a request in the list, or right-click a request and select Browse.

    TIP  If you know the ID of the request that you want to open, you can go directly to it from Serena Explorer.

    1. Right-click a list node and select Browse request.

    2. Enter the ID of the request that you want to open and select the product that contains the request.

    3. Click OK.

  4. The following information is displayed:

   ID: The unique identifier of the request.

   Title: The title of the request. Edit the title as needed.

   State: The present state of the request.

   Phase: The present phase of the request.

   Originated by: The user name of the person who created the request.

   Description: Text describing the request. Edit the description as needed.

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