About Automatic Log In

Automatic log in allows you to bypass the Log in to Dimensions dialog box when re-opening the most recently used connection. It also allows you to bypass the manual entry of your password when opening any connection that is configured for automatic log in.

Enabling Automatic Log In

To enable automatic log in for a connection:

  1. Your administrator configures Dimensions CM to allow you to use automatic log in.

  2. You configure your connection information to enable automatic log in.

  3. You log in to the connection the normal way.

  4. When prompted to enable automatic log in for future connections to the server, click Yes.

Using Automatic Log In

Once automatic log in is enabled for a connection, it will behave like this:

If you do this

While this is true

Then this will happen

Click the Connect button.

No other connections are open.

If the most recently used connection had auto log in enabled, it will open in the Serena Explorer; the log in dialog box will not appear.


Else, the log in dialog box appears.

Click the Connect button.

Other connections are already open.

The log in dialog box appears. When you select a connection, the Password field is pre-populated with (automatic login enabled).


Click the Log in button.

CTRL-Click the Connect button.


The log in dialog box appears.


Select a connection to open manually.

Allow your connection to the server to time out.


The Password Required dialog box appears.


Enter your password and click OK.

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