Set Repository Bindings Wizard

Use the Set Repository Bindings Wizard to create the repository bindings file (the .cmscc file) for a solution under Serena source control. You need to do this if you have downloaded a solution from the desktop or command-line client rather than from the Visual Studio client. In this case, the repository bindings file is not created, and you must create it using this wizard. You can run this wizard on a Serena controlled solution if it is opened from Disk. To determine what the correct bindings should be, Dimensions detects that we are in the scope of a compatible work area root, as uses information from the project or stream that the solution came from. Once you have completed the wizard, you can use the solution as if it were initially opened in Visual Studio.

Note that if you open a solution from source control outside of a compatible root work area, will be unable to synchronize using the desktop client or Synch Wizard.