Active Job Window

To launch the Active Job window, select View | Dimensions | Active Job.



Pause button

Click to pause the currently active job.


Pausing a job allows you to interrupt file tracking so that you can work on other files without relating them to the requests in the current job. Resume the job when you are ready to work on it again.

Resume button

Click to resume a paused job.

Complete button

Click to launch the Complete Job dialog box, which allows you to check in all of the files that have been tracked as part of the job and to inactivate the job.


Displays the name of the current job and whether it is active.

Requests tab

Perform actions on a request by right-clicking and selecting from a menu. Open a request by double-clicking it.

Tracked Files tab

View the list of files that will be related with the requests in the job.

Starting a Job

Pausing a Job

Resuming a Job

Completing a Job and Checking In Files