Configuring the Connector Auxiliary Table

With Development Manager, an auxiliary table called Quality Connector is set up to store store Quality Center connection and mapping information. You must set the values correctly for this table.

To do this:

  1. Log in to the SBM Web interface.

  2. Select Search | Manage Data.

  3. Select Quality Connector from the Manage list.

  4. Click the Lookup button to display the existing entry in the table.

  5. Click Update to update the existing item, or Create New Item to add an entry for another QC project. Complete the options.

  6. The final auxiliary table record should look something like the following:




    NOTE  The QC Manager user, for example hpadmin, will need to be added in Quality Center as user for the project, for example QLARIUS, that you are using.

    Do not add more than one entry in the table for each Quality Center project or for each SBM project, or this may produce unexpected results.

  7. In the Web interface, make sure that users of the integration can see all field sections (User Profile | Sections).