Software Compatibility Requirements

Supported versions of the products in the Serena Development Manager suite are specified in the product roadmap located at:

From the Products list, select Development Manager, then click on the 1.1 release. From here you can display supported platforms and integrations.

Before beginning the installation, make sure you have the correct versions of the software to install along with the documentation for those versions.

Preparing for Serena Product Installation

Before you install the Serena Development Manager suite of products, make sure you have completed the prerequisites as follows:

Before you install Serena Business Manager, please see the “Pre-installation Checklist” section of the Serena Business Manager Installation and Configuration Guide.

You must complete the installation for Serena Business Manager before beginning the installation for Serena Development Control.

If you are installing the Development Manager Connector for HP Quality Center, you will need to install:

Development Manager R1.1 requires Serena Dimensions CM 12.2.



NOTE  If upgrading from a previous version of Dimensions CM, you will need to carry out some changes to the process model. Please contact Serena Support for details.

You need to install Serena License Manager to license and run Serena Business Manager and Dimensions CM. See Installing Serena License Manager.

The installer for Serena Development Control automatically installs additional supporting software, such as a common Tomcat Web server.