Promoting the Snapshots

You must promote each of the seven Serena Development Control snapshots.

To promote a snapshot:

  1. Click Solutions in the navigation pane.

  2. Select the solution and click Open Snapshots.

    The list of snapshots appears.

  3. Select a process app and click Promote.

    The Summary page appears.

  4. Click on the Destinations field.

    The Destinations page appears.

  5. Select the environment you created above.

  6. Click Next.

    The Entities page appears.


    Groups: None

    Users: None


  7. Click Next.

    The Mapping page appears.

  8. Click Done.

    The Summary page appears.

    Note: Make sure Verify endpoints before continuing is not checked.

  9. Click Promote.

    The Promotion Started page appears.

  10. Click Show Activities or View Log to see the results.

  11. Repeat Step    3    thru Step    10    for each snapshot.